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Member support.

Helping members succeed personally and professionally.


Key objectives.

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Monthly Meetings

Our virtual monthly meetings have hosted speakers from academia, industry, and several biomechanics societies to discuss topics including applying for grants/awards, challenges faced by women in STEM, and careers in biomechanics. Many of these meetings are open to allies and non-members, and recordings are posted publicly on IWB’s YouTube channel.

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Member Network

Our Slack workspace provides the cornerstone of our activities in this area by providing a space for members to network, seek support, share successes, and disseminate information. We also conduct an annual survey to assess the needs of our members, the most recent results of which were presented in the Journal of Biomechanics





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Regional Chapters

Establishing sustainable regional chapters where members can connect locally is an important long-term aim for us. We're working hard to establish our first regional chapter, which we'll let you know about as soon as it's ready.





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Meet the Member Support Team.

Click on their pictures to learn more about them. To contact the Director of Member Support, email membersupport@intwomenbiomech.org  


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Fraje Watson, PhD

Brecca Gaffney, PhD

Lauren Luginsland

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Asal Aflatounian

Maisie Keogh