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Executive Team.

We are a volunteer run organization managed by an Executive Team.




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Photo of Ana Ebrahimi Photo of Ashley Collimore Photo of Caitlin Banks

Ana Ebrahimi, PhD

Ashley Collimore, PhD

Caitlin Banks, PhD

Photo of Fraje Watson Photo of Alexa Johnson Photo of Katie Knaus

Fraje Watson, PhD

Alexa Johnson, PhD

Katie Knaus, PhD





Past Executive Team Members.


Jayishni Maharaj 2020-2021

Sarah Kessler 2020-2022
Kat Daniels 2020-2023
Kirsty McDonald 2020-2023
Jana Montgomery 2021
Caitlin Banks 2020-
Anahid Ebrahimi 2020-
Ashley Collimore 2022-
Alexa Johnson 2022-
Fraje Watson 2023-