Empowering allies.

Educating and empowering allies within and outside our membership.


Key objectives.




Nominate Women Initiative

We are working to facilitate nominations of women for awards from biomechanics professional societies. Our goal is to see at least one woman nominated for each individual award presented at professional societies, like International Society of Biomechanics and American Society of Biomechanics.









Collaborations Across Biomechanics Groups

We collaborate with other biomechanics affinity groups, Black Biomechanists Association and Latinx in Biomechanix, to host meetings on allyship and equity in biomechanics.












We are establishing learning resources for continued education in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our goal is to make this important initiative available to the entire biomechanics community so that we can collectively grow towards becoming a world-leading STEM field in this space.






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Meet the Empowering Allies Team.

Click on their pictures to learn more about them. To contact the Director of Empowering Allies, email allyship@intwomenbiomech.org 

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Katie Knaus, PhD

Elena Kokkoni, PhD

Sung Eun (CJ) Kim, PhD

Anne Koelewijn, PhD