Community guidelines

Please keep these IWB community guidelines in mind when interacting with the group. If you see anything you would like to flag with the organizers, please send a direct message to our IWB e-mail account ( Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in removal from the group. 


Try to keep discussions respectful of the person you are talking to and the readers of the discussion. Personal attacks and derogatory comments tear down the community that we would like to build up, and defamatory/’name and shame’ posts will not be accepted. Please also be respectful of the privacy of others by maintaining confidentiality surrounding sensitive conversations. Many people have expressed they would benefit from the opportunity to seek consultation and/or support from fellow members, and we hope to provide a space in which this can be done without fear of repercussion. This is not a heavily moderated group, so we are trusting our members to act with kindness and hold themselves accountable for their words and actions. 

IWB Community guidelines

  1. Speak from the “I” perspective: Avoid speaking for others  by using “we,” “us,” or “Them.”

  2. Challenge the idea and not the person: If we wish to challenge something that has been said, we will challenge the idea or practice referred to, not the individual sharing the idea or practice.

  3. Uphold confidentiality: Treat  the  candour  of  others  as  a  gift.  Assume  that  personal identities,  experiences,  and  perspectives  shared  in  this  space  are  confidential  unless  you are given permission to use them.

  4. Be respectful: we have a diverse set of backgrounds, languages, and cultures in this group, so let’s do our best to be patient with each other. We will not tolerate hate speech or bullying. Please avoid political commentary, and “calling out” anyone.

  5. Step up, step back: If you usually speak up often or you find yourself talking more than others, challenge  yourself to lean in to listening  and opening up space  for  others.  If  you don’t usually talk as much in group and do a lot of your thinking and processing in your own head, know that we would love to hear your contributions, and challenge yourself to bring your voice forward in the conversation.

  6. We’re here to promote women in biomechanics. Please avoid product promotions or spam. 

Slack guidelines

Members are welcome and encouraged to create additional channels to facilitate discussion on any relevant topic of interest, and to post in #general to announce the new channel and signpost it for others to join. Please choose a channel name that makes the topic clear, and add a brief channel description. You can check the Channel Browser (CTRL+SHIFT+L) to see if the topic already exists!  


The majority of channels will be public, but members are welcome to either create private channels or to direct message other members/groups of members for conversations they would prefer to remain private for any reason. Please do not convert public channels to private channels without the permission of everyone else in the channel (and note that it is not possible to convert a private channel to a public channel).


You are welcome to share job adverts, celebrate your own successes or publicise events you are involved in. Pick whichever channel seems most appropriate for your post – don’t hold back for fear of posting in the ‘wrong’ place.



IWB social media guidelines

  • No hate speech or bullying. No political commentary.
  • We’re here to promote IWB. Please avoid product promotions or spam.
  • Be respectful - avoid “calling out” anyone
  • Check the source. Who’s “voice” is it that you’re sharing?

Finally, we are willing and welcome to hearing feedback on these community guidelines as we continue to grow our community. We are trying our best to make an inclusive and supportive environment.